As a teen living in the Central Coast of California there was a lot to draw from. The landscape was beautiful and life was simple.

Seeking a bolder and brighter landscape—more color and culture—there was an unexplained force pulling her towards the city with a hunger to explore. After graduation, Christine Marie moved to Southern California where she could still enjoy the beauty of the beach, but with the diversity and vibrant life-force of the city. With all of the energy, vitality and culture—it had finally felt like she was in her element.

Her paintings are an exploration of color, energy, emotion and the experiences that we carry with us. Many of them are intended to be multi-directional and interpreted through the perspective of the viewers’ memories and life experiences: recently expanding into 3D artwork, which produces new life for found objects.

In addition to being previous programs manager for the San Luis Obispo County Arts Alliance, she has been a supporter of programs that elevate the arts, arts healing and its benefit to communities through organizational programs with, Veterans Voices, Opera SLO, Central Coast Autism Spectrum, SLO Earth Day Fair and Music Festival, The SLO Jazz Festival, Fall Fest, The Chapman Foundation and Veterans Angels.

As the years passed and the visual arts, music and performing arts began to grow in San Luis Obispo County, she returned saying,“I love the life force that emanates from the city. The diversity and blend of colors, flavors and cultures makes me feel balanced, invigorated and energized. It’s wonderful to be able to now enjoy so many of the things that touch my heart and fuel my creativity, all wrapped up in this amazing landscape.”CMarie


  • Curation of artist exhibits, retail events, corporate and private sector collection development and consulting

  • Artist and creative industry consulting through Mission Community Services Corp/Mission Women's Small Business Center

  • Custom Commissioned Art Pieces 

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