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Christine Marie is a non-representational abstract expressionist contemporary fine artist.

Her paintings utilize color and texture to ignite the imagination: eliciting a journey by drawing the viewer in through a suggestion of imagery to evoke emotions, activate memories, inspire story or add purposed ambience to each environment.


Her work is about the inner challenges, turmoils and triumphs of the human experience: the adventure that everyday life can be, depending on the lens that we apply to every situation.


Her inspiration comes from moments of introspection, conversation and observation.

Taking that moment to be still, quieting the mind to be introspective and be the witness and observer—recalibrating—giving space and allowing what comes forth to express the emotions of those transformative events, unexpected and magical moments that can either go unnoticed or that call to be celebrated. 

Christine is consistently pushing to elevate mastery, learning and refining skills to give voice to the vision, to tell the story and connect with the viewer in an inspiring and meaningful way.

It’s her goal as an artist to connect and collaborate with fellow creatives as well as continue to create engaging and inspiring works and exhibits.

Her style encouraging a journey of discovery through suggestion of imagery to evoke inner and outer dialogue, activate emotions and revive memories. 


The work is a culmination of introspection and observations that put voice to the vision—color begins the story—its the foundation that builds the expression of a feeling or vibration, an environment or event that’s expressed through the composition of color and texture: capturing the essence of a unique time and space to be interpreted on canvas.


Utilizing broad strokes or palette knife to begin building the sections, line drawings, layering with paint brush, scraping with wire brush, adding texture with palette knife, rags and fingers: glazing and scraping, adding and taking away—layer after layer—until the story is complete.



  • Curation of artist exhibits, retail events, corporate and private sector collection development and consulting

  • Artist, creative industry and small business consulting through Mission Community Services Corp/Women's Business Center SLO

  • Custom Commissioned Art Pieces

Christine Marie was born in California and spent her youth sketching and experimenting with methods of creative expression. Growing up with a large extended family she developed a curiosity of people, the contrasts of beliefs and behaviors at an early age. She became fascinated with the human experience, learning about peoples backgrounds—their stories.


After pursuing a variety of studies she attended a private art institution and in 2008 she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design. She has continued her education in areas of interest.


Christine is primarily a self taught artist. As she was graduating from design school her health began to decline. The stress from dynamics of obtaining her degree combined with the impact the recession had on her career had her near death by 2009. 


It was during this challenging time she began to experiment with some paints she had as a method of coping and during the healing and recovery process. Abstract art seemed to be the innate language of expression, though she has experimented with other styles, mediums and techniques it is the one that speaks the loudest and most clearly. Christine continues to challenge herself with new tools and techniques through online learning and attending plein-air painting workshops and online learning.


She has shown her work in galleries in the Santa Ana Arts District, Laguna Beach, Paso Robles, San Diego and San Luis Obispo Counties.


Having first hand experience with the healing powers of art, Christine has worked to bring healing through art with involvement in programs and fundraisers for the autism spectrum community and to veterans and their families.

Also continuously working to support other creative entrepreneurs as a consultant at the WBC SLO and community organizational arts programs with the Opera SLO, Senator Carbajals office, SLO Earth Day & Music Festival, The SLO Jazz Festival, SLO Jazz Fall Fest and the Chapman Foundation.

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