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sustainability. beauty. inclusivity

connecting, inspiring and empowering people through creativity 

Plastic Polluted Ocean


Care and kindness for nature and Mother Earth

The current studio is in a rural area so lots of learning about septic systems, new systems for sludge water processing, measures to keep the sludge water away from nature and critters --yes, even the skunks-- so no living creature is harmed during the evaporation storage process.

ReUsed, recycled, repurposed, up-cycled products, packaging and practices are utilized as able.  

Plastic Polluted Ocean

love + beauty

My mission is to champion creativity + amplify love + beauty.

The subjectivity of beauty makes room for all creators unique voice and expression. Each unique way of expression is what weaves a beautiful tapestry of depth, richness and interest to this life. Each is individually valuable and individually important, but together we create a very special kind of magic! 

Image: Love Eternal acrylic on splined canvas by Christine Marie

Dancing Hands


Together We Thrive + Together We Shine

Every kind and loving human deserves the right 

to flourish and thrive regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, pronoun or religion:

It doesn't matter where you are from

It doesn't matter what you look like

You have gifts to share with this world

You are valuable

Your voice matters

You deserve the right to love who you love, be safe and proud of who you are, share your gifts and live your best, most prosperous and joy-filled life.  

Please know that if the wrong language is used--we hope you gently let us know--because we're human, but we believe it matters and we're trying to grow.

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