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 c marie

Discover the non-representational abstract expressionist paintings of Central Coast contemporary fine artist, Christine Marie. 


Her paintings utilize color and texture to ignite the imagination: eliciting a journey by drawing the viewer in through a suggestion of imagery to evoke emotions, activate memories, inspire story or add purposed ambience to each environment.

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Additional work is available at:

Gallery Los Olivos

2920 Grand Ave.

Los Olivos, CA


Christine Marie is an abstract artist working in acrylics (on canvas) and is from San Luis Obispo County. The inspiration for her evocative and textural abstracts comes from moments of introspection and stillness, and are about the human experience.  Her colorful pieces beg you to come closer, and there, you find more to see in the nuance of texture and color --Gallery Los Olivos


Christine Marie is a Central Coast, contemporary artist, who is currently accepting select custom painting commissions. 

She works with a diverse group of fine artists to offer personalized curatorial services to the residential, corporate and private sectors to design public art events, curate exhibits and custom private collections.

Contact her to discuss a commissioned painting or to schedule a curatorial services consultation today.



In need of curatorial services, a custom commission or creative small business consulting? 

Image by Jessica Lewis
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